I respect the Bible and would never have written this story based on the Bible if I felt I was going to deviate
from God's Word or blaspheme it in any way.  Unlike many today, I do fear God.  We're supposed to.  
Revelations Alpha and Omega is a logical interpretation that came from my persistent belief that I could,
with the help of God's Holy Spirit, finally do what respectable theologians and respected scholars have been
unable to do... make all the prophecy scriptures agree 100 %.  Have I done that?  Yes!  And I've gone the
proverbial extra mile to further prove my point.  I showed how many of the world's mysteries and recorded
history agree with the Bible as well.  Only God's Spirit can truly enlighten and give true interpretation to His
Word.  Some members in the Body of Christ are interpreters.  That's my gift in the body.

The sun goes black, the moon turns to blood, stars fall, there's a great earthquake and one hundred-
pound hailstones
."  That's the key that unlocked the book of Revelation!  When Jesus mentioned those
things in Matthew 24 and it was one of the first things ever prophesied on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:17-
21) AND it kept happening all throughout the book of Revelation (other prophecy books as well), then I saw
the patterns.  The same things kept coming before and after these things.  Now, lay it out like a jigsaw puzzle
and put the similar pieces together until the entire picture (timeline) emerges.  If it doesn't contradict anything
else in God's word, you're done!

Not convinced?

Nearly all Bible experts and prophecy preachers are teaching that the seven seals happen first, then the seven
trumpets in order followed by the seven vials.  They do not understand the book of Revelation!  I prove in my
story that they go in this order: the first seal is opened, followed by the first trumpet and then the first vial.  
This continues until the first four judgments (seals, trumpets and vials) are completed.  Then, there's a break
before and after the fifth seal, trumpet and vial.  Finally, the sixth AND seventh seals, trumpets, and vials are
all done simultaneously!

Archangels sound the trumpets but the vials are poured out by the seven firstborn righteous sons of Seth's
line!  They had already been resurrected and dwelled in Heaven before John was taken up to write the book
of Revelation.  And I figured all this out using the Bible!  John didn't have a word processor in Heaven.  Each
cherub (zoa or living creature) showed him only what they each had to show (vials, trumpets, or seals, etc.)  
That's the only reason he wrote them as separate events.  But if you put the things together, you'll notice that
they are in fact describing the same events!

Prophecy preachers like Jack Van Impe (among others) teach the pre-trib rapture.  They claim Ezekiel 38 &
39 describe a war with Russia that happens at the beginning of the tribulation.  Ezekiel 38 and 39 could NOT
be fulfilled at the beginning or even the middle of the seven-year tribulation.  How do I know?  Ezekiel 38:22
says, "...and I will rain upon him, and upon his bands, and upon the many people that are with him, an
overflowing rain, and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone."  There's only ONE time that all those things could
be happening at once... the Day of the Lord!  And that's at the END of the tribulation!  The "him" Ezekiel
refers to is Gog of Magog, not the antichrist.  Gog is NOT the name of the Russian or Northern king either
but the name of the angelic Prince that rules that land.  It's like the law of double reference used when the
Bible talks to the Prince of Tyre and the cherub Lucifer at the same time.  (Ezekiel 28)  That's in the Bible too
and proved in my story.

The KEY to understanding this is to know that Deuteronomy 32:8 says, "When the most High divided to the
nations their inheritance, when he separated the sons of Adam, he set the bounds of the people according to
the number of the... Angels of God."  I've done my homework.  That's what the Bible used to say before 300
BC when "angels of God" was changed to read "children of Israel."  Evil men have separated us from our
understanding of our past.  But they left a trail for a guy like me to follow.  You can find it too.  Just LOOK
for it.  Seek and ye shall find!  If you are not looking, you won't find the TRUTH because only the LIE is
being spoon-fed to the public.

So, does this literally mean the sun is going to go out forever?  Yes!  When Jesus comes, he's bringing an
entirely new lighting system.  The Bible says the day will be seven times brighter than now (Isaiah 30:26).  I
like to compare it to new and improved automobile headlights over the older, more yellow colored lamps.
Moon turns to blood?  That's what it looked like to John.  An eclipse?  Nope.  Imagine a huge explosion on
the other side of the moon.  I can think of many scenarios that could make it happen.  That would send the
moon TOWARDS us.  Gravity locks in and PULLS it until it reaches Earth's atmosphere.  Imagine the arcing
going on between the Earth and moon creating violent storms where it hasn't rained in three and one-half
years where it begins to BURN bright red until exploding into... hundred pound hailstones or meteorites!  Will
that look like falling stars?  Would that cause men's hearts to fail them for the fearful sights in the heavens?  By
the way, that's the real meaning behind Luke 21:25-26.  Would this cause the seas to roar violently?  Would
this cause a great earthquake?  Think about it...

Rain, great hailstones weighing over one hundred pounds each  (I'll explain the fire and brimstone with the 200
million-man army later) fit 38:22 of Ezekiel's description perfectly when you use the Bible to interpret the

What is the seven-year peace treaty signed by the antichrist and Israel and other nations?  Let's see.  The
Jews believe that their Messiah will come seven years after they are allowed to rebuild their Temple.  (Daniel's
490 weeks.  There's only one week or seven years left to fulfill that prophecy.)  Okay, if you build it... He will
come!  Since Palestinians and Jews are fighting over the same capitol, let's settle this fairly.  Islam doesn't
agree with this Jewish claim so why not test it?  Let them build their Temple and if their Messiah doesn't
come, make those "liars" leave the land... forever!  Sounds logical... and solves everything!

The three frog-like spirits of Revelation are three Grey aliens that lead everyone to believe they were our
creators.  Ever see a normal frog perform miracles?  Remember that John just described what he saw.  He
didn't have our modern vocabulary.  Want to know what kind of miracles they'll perform?  Watch
E.T.: The
again.  They aren't real aliens, of course.  And they aren't our creators either.  But a lot of
people will be fooled and will answer the rallying cry to "crush the evil thing"... the Jews.  That's what
Armageddon is all about... the world coming together to wipe out the Jews and to evict them from Jerusalem
after the seven-year peace treaty expires.  If they could succeed, then the Second Coming of the Messiah or
promised Redeemer would be impossible.  How can He save them if they're all dead?  That's Satan's last
hope to avert the prophecies concerning his future as foretold in the Garden of Eden.  He must now prevent
Jesus' Second Coming.  Satan and a third of all angels that are with him will be cast into eternal Hell if they fail
to stop God’s prophetic words from coming true.  What if you were a fallen angel and knew the only way
to prevent your fiery fate was to destroy mankind?  Would you try to destroy mankind?  Of course you

Titans will return to Earth, as in the past.  They'll claim to be from Saturn's moon Titan.  It's the only planet or
moon in our system with a substantial atmosphere.  It's covered by a thick cloud that conveniently blocks our
view of the surface.  And the timing of all this fits with the Cassini probe mission to Saturn/Titan in 2004.  
Having a hard time believing NASA would have anything to do with Masonic symbolism?  Go to
and look at the facts outlined there.  I'll let you decide for yourself as I did.

Why did I portray Jesus returning in the fall of 2007?  Because I showed the peace treaty being signed in the
fall of 2000 and seven years later would be the fall of 2007.  Obviously that date didn't happen.  What?  No
man can know the day or the hour?  You're right!  Remember that
Revelations Alpha and Omega is just a
story and the future dates are not prophecy.  But what about the season and when it's near, even at the door?  
Do you understand why we can't know the "day or the hour?"  Because if Satan could know that, then he'd
send a full-scale nuclear assault heaven-bound like he wanted to do with the Tower of Babel.  On that day
and in one hour, Heaven opens like a scroll and all men will see God's throne.  It's an open door even wider
than the TV show Stargate depicts.  That's the gateway (that's what Babylon means... Gateway City, thus, the
Tower of Babel's location) where the New Jerusalem will descend from
after the Millennium of peace.
The false prophet with two horns that's like a lamb but speaks like a dragon also comes from the ground.  
Check your history.  The two-horned mitre worn by the Pope (fits the lamb... God's children are sheep, all
others are goats) can be traced back to the mitre worn by priests of Dagon, the fish god.  Did I mention
Paganism and Christianity became intertwined in 378 AD?*  I'm not saying THE pope will be the false
prophet but the last pope of the Catholic Church will hold that office by force.  St. Malachi in his Pope
Prophecies foretold this.  His accuracy has been 100 %.  Peter, the Terrible, remember?  He comes from the
ground (
means giant) not the sea (means man).  The next batch of giants comes from the earth.
*To learn more about paganism and Christianity mixing in the fourth century, read Alexander Hislop's "
."  An online version is available by clicking here.

Why?  Because fallen angels today are trying to avoid the fate of the first batch of giant angelic fathers who
took human wives.  Those angels are now bound in the lowest depths of Hell.  The newest angelic fathers of
giants took only the seed of men and women and have created their giant children and they're living
underground... out of sight.  That explains UFO abductions and cattle mutilations of the 70's.  They've got our
seed (without the one-on-one sex) and lots of blood for a giant underground baby farm.  They'll be adults by
2004.  My guess is they already are.  
Sound crazy? Of course it does but if you think about it, have you ever
had reason to believe there were ever giants on the earth in the past?  Now have you ever noticed that these
most recent events coincide with the timing of all our genetic advances like test-tube babies, cloning, A.I.D.S.,
etc.  Is this just a coincidence?  Remember, the real purpose of giants before and even after the flood was to
prevent the birth of the prophesied Redeemer through the seed of the woman.  Satan failed at that, but evil
mustn't quit yet.  They're still trying to avert their fiery destiny.

The demon locust of Revelation doesn't fit the description of insects but instead...
Apache helicopters.  "From
its tail it did hurt men."  Ever seen a chemical-head missile fired from an Apache?  The illusion of fire goes to
the tail.  John just described as he saw. They're flown by lifeless clones temporarily inhabited by the souls of
dead giants from the past or DEMONS, as they're more commonly known.  They're released from the abyss
for three days only.  A tenth of all demons are not bound.  This we know from the
Book of Enoch.  Let me
repeat that for Benny Hinn and all other Pre-Adamite theorists: Demons are the SOULS of dead giants from
the past.  They'll never be bodily resurrected.  They are NOT the souls of a race of humans before Adam!  
That's how I explain psychic hotlines and ghosts... these bodiless souls can never see a resurrection so they
seek bodies to inhabit.  Isaiah 26:14 explains this but remember that in the translation deceased was used in
place of Rephaim or giants.  (If you need help in truly understanding how words in the Bible have been
inaccurately translated, I suggest you study using a Dake's Bible.  It's the best King James research Bible on
the planet... period!)  And these dead giants inhabit our bodies through our minds.  If you think that's so far-
fetched, remember that Jesus and His disciples regularly had to cast out these demons.  This is also how
demons can know so much about your past... because they've been around that long and longer.  But the
Bible is clear that they cannot know the future unless foretold by God.  That's how you know a false prophet
by whether he's Holy ghost guided or demon guided... whether the prophecies come true or not.  Forget the
deception of knowing your past.  Demons have that one down pat already.

200 million man army?  Chinese tanks!  Fire and brimstone from the mouth (ever seen a tank fire its artillery?)
and tails like serpents (ever looked at the muzzle of a machine gun mounted on the back of a tank?) who did
hurt men?  John couldn't SEE the bullets.  We can't see them either with our naked eyes.  He just knew these
"serpent-looking" tails hurt men.  Just try and watch a war movie and describe the action without using
modern vocabulary words.  Let's see what words you use.

Lucifer is a
serpent cherub, one of the highest of God's creation, as were the ox, lion, eagle and man.  The
pre-fall serpent and Lucifer look alike... a Grey alien complete with legs, arms and the ability to speak.  
Lucifer is the Red Dragon and the Serpent of old.  Cherubim carry God's throne, are made of gold and
covered with precious stones and are the only class of angels with wings.  (Living GOLD? You are living
DUST!)  Read Ezekiel's description (chapter one) and tell me otherwise.

In fact, the four living creatures of Revelation are the remaining cherubim a.k.a. seraphim.  Study the words
and break them down.  Seraph means "fiery ones."  Zoa means "living ones."  All have in common the fact
they constantly surround the throne of God.  They never rest (they're living machines and immortal) and have
in common the appearance of the lion, calf or ox, flying eagle, and a man.  Lucifer is a serpent cherub and
completed the pattern... the five-pointed star.  They are the same!  Read Ezekiel 28:11-19 for more on this.  
Verse 12 refers to sealing the sum or completing the pattern.

What about their heads/faces and wing count of six?  When JOINED for flight by the dreadful rim (Ever study
the five-pointed star with a circle around it?  That was the original flight configuration of the FIVE cherubim)
they SHARED each other's characteristics (five faces, then four after the fall) and had only four wings each.  
When separated they had their own features... one face and six wings each.

Four angel wings joined together?  ("Their wings were joined one to another; they turned not when they went;
they went every one straight forward."  Ezekiel 1:9.)  Seen a helicopter lately?  Remember that these men
didn't have our modern vocabulary.  Need I remind you, these are the only angels ever described as having
wings and NOWHERE does it say they are feathered.  Having a hard time visualizing this?  Look at a ceiling
fan with three or four light bulbs hanging below.  Turn it right side up in your mind and you have a pretty good
idea of what a cherub's head (the bulbs) looks like above their wings (the fan blades).

How did John SEE what he SAW in Heaven?  Ever hear of the Teletubbies?  No, I'm not delirious or pulling
your leg.  Five basic colors make up a rainbow.  Lucifer was the Red Dragon or serpent.  That's the color he
represented in that rainbow over God's throne he helped carry in the 3-D world.  Your eye is oval-shaped.  
So is the monitor in the mid-section of the mechanical cherubim.  The Masonic all-seeing eye, get it?  So,
literally when one of the four living creatures said, "Come and SEE" and John came and SAW, that's HOW
he saw the future... while looking into each of their monitors... through the four eyes of God.  There used to
be five, like your five senses that allow you to experience things around you.  Is God watching you right now?  
You bet!  Lucifer?  At least now you know HOW!  Even the Hollywood concept of the Power Rangers can
be compared to the Cherubim, proving someone at the top really understands the Bible better than most
Christians.  These five different colored animals UNITE to form a big and powerful flying machine.  And you
thought the creator of the Power Rangers just had a vivid imagination...

Yes, the cherubim are flying machines!  South American legends called the Moche god Aiapaec the winged
decapitator A.K.A. the Smoking mirror from which he could view the activities of both men and God(s) from
afar.  A modern-day computer and monitor have a lot to do with Lucifer, covered with EYES, a.k.a. spirits
and flames or... are you ready?  Bulbs!  Bright shining star!  His legendary name back in Mayan days was
Tezcatilpoca, which means, "smoking mirror."  That's why divination and magicians use crystal balls complete
with "smoke and mirrors" using its cloudy appearance.  Having a hard time believing the physical part of God
needs these bright and shiny machines to fly around in?  God's Spirit is omniscient but his physical body is
not.  It's as three-dimensional as you and me.  Go to an amusement park or the county fair next time it comes
to town and look at all the rides at night.  Even carnival rides mimic God's own flying machine complete with
flashing bright lights, smoke and machines that simulate G-force.  We are made in God's image.  Why
wouldn't we enjoy the same things God likes?  That's also why there are so many other galaxies.  Not to
harbor alien life like modern thinkers believe.  God created all those other planets to give you and I something
different to do throughout all eternity.  Do you like going to the same vacation spot year after year?  Of course
not.  You'll want to do new things throughout eternity too, and God isn't going to create anything else.  He's
done with all that.  If God can fly to other worlds, you better believe He'll let us too.

Light sabers?  Swords of fire!  Remember the cherubim with their swords of revolving fire that they used to
guard the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve were kicked out?  Did you know there's a stele of a Mayan
ruler in Palenque (Central America) holding one of these Xiuhcoatl or fire serpents in his hand?  It's carved in
Stone!  Flying serpents?  There's also carved in stone a man inside a flying serpent with what appears to be a
monitor in front of him.  What did I say Lucifer was?  Right!  An original serpent that could fly!  (To view
pictures of these, check out "
Fingerprints of the Gods" by Graham Hancock or click here.)  It's interesting
to note the Historian Sanchuniation in 1250 BC (over 3,000 years ago) had this to say about a flying serpent:  
"The snake has a speed that nothing can exceed because of its breath... Its energy is exceptional... it has
illuminated everything with its gleam."  What?  I didn't know snakes could do all that.  Perhaps he wasn't
talking about a "snake?"  What does this have in common with a modern rocket?  Think about it...

So what was that
Tower of Babel, anyway?  "Whose top may reach unto heaven?"  (Genesis 11:4)  There
are no Hebrew words for "may reach."  But that's what the King James Bible says.  If angels don't fly (only
Cherubim do) but instead travel to Heaven up and down some kind of ramp or "Jacob's ladder," then what if
those post-flood rebels intended to send the top of a tower to Heaven this way?  Through some kind of
wormhole?  To make a name for themselves by destroying God's access to Earth and keeping them from
being scattered by God?  (His command to spread out wasn't being obeyed).  Why else would the Bible say
"now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do."  God was that impressed with
oven-baked bricks over sun dried bricks?  I don't think so.

You mean we had technology back then?  Horus the HAWK god could fly.  South American gods wielded
CONDOR scepters.  Fire worship?  People only worshipped that which they feared.  Could we have learned
how to make a hydrogen bomb from fallen angels?  The Book of Enoch teaches that fallen angels did just
that.  You separate hydrogen isotopes from... water.  ALL ancient ziggurats used water for some "unknown"
reason.  One pyramid in Teotihuacan (near Mexico City) is appropriately named after the "Sun."  It even
contained mica in its floor... well below the surface.  Study the use of mica.  It is opaque to fast neutrons and
can act as a moderator in nuclear reactions.  This mica came from very far away (2000 miles away in Brazil)
and could not even be seen in the pyramid.  Central and South American gods were called "hummingbirds"
and "condors."  Helicopters and planes or jets?  Where are they now?  Only ONE PERCENT of the cities in
the Nazca region has been uncovered due to "religious reasons."  Sounds like a good cover.

A German woman, Maria Reiche, has kept anyone from getting close to the famous Nazca lines for years.  
When asked what she thought about the idea of ancient airplanes ever landing there in the past, she
responded that it would've been impossible because they would've gotten stuck in the mud.  Hmmm... one of
the driest places in the world.  Less than half an hour of miserly drizzle every decade falls there.  Where's the
MUD?  Where's the TRUTH?  Why do we believe these LIES?  Why do you think those cities got buried to
begin with?  Radiation sickness?  I have outlined the truth in my story.  You should understand my message
before Titans (children of angels and mankind) and Aliens (the original serpent looked like a Grey) show up
and claim they made us... not God.  Kind of poetic justice for the serpent cherubim... lying to mankind again
and most believe him and again... DIE!  Half of the entire world will die during the great tribulation.  Your
Creator doesn't want you to believe their lie.  That's why He's trying to get you to think for yourself.  Stop just
taking the word of others who claim to have your best interest at heart.

By the way, want to know who the Native American Indians are?  Genesis 10:18 mentions only one tribe of
people being spread ABROAD after the flood... the Canaanites!  Did they cross from China to America
through Alaska?  Did they have dark hair and almost almond-shaped, dark eyes like their forefathers?  You
bet they did!  Also, I studied the totem pole and discovered its true origin.  The Hebrew word Asherah means
a pillar of wood.  This wooden upright pole used to be worshipped in the center of the Canaanite nations and
spread from there.  The pole displayed the image of the goddess Astarte, or the queen of heaven.  It always
was displayed next to the image of Baal.  This mother earth worship came with the Canaanites and many of
their dances and religious rites can be traced back to Canaan.  Even look at the curse Noah put on the seed
of Canaan.  (Genesis 9:25-27)  Look at the modern implications, i.e. Indian Reservations, etc.

Proof all other angels don't have feathered wings?  That's why John confused the seven righteous sons of Seth
(Enosh, Kenan, Mahalelel, Jared, Lamech and Methuselah round out the seven vial angels) with the seven
archangels (trumpets)... because none of them have feathered wings.  Remember in Revelation 22:8-9, John
fell at the feet of the angel who had just shown him some things and the angel commanded him not to bow to
him.  "For I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren the prophets, and of them which keep the sayings of this
book."  In other words, he was a redeemed MAN... not an angel.  In fact, they (the seven firstborn righteous
sons) were buried in the smaller pyramid at Giza.  They were buried in three separate chambers representing
the body, soul and spirit of man.  The number seven (bodies) to represent the seven spirits of the Holy Spirit.  
They are among the firstfruits of the resurrection.  Remember the Law of firstfruits and the Law of gleanings?  
(Leviticus 23:22.)  Also, when Jesus tells us that sometimes when we entertain strangers we actually entertain
angels, do you think they have to keep their wings tucked in?  I don't think so either 'cause they don't have
feathered wings.  (Note:  Even though
The First Kiss angel painting inspired this story, that still doesn't mean
Apollyon or Laurianna had wings because they do not.  If I ever make this into film, only the cherubim will be
depicted as having wings.)

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