Adam, Eve, and the firstborn sons of Seth's line (from which the Redeemer came) buried in the Giza
pyramids?  Resurrected and now dwelling among the stars (angels)?  If evil men had not removed the
book of Enoch from the Bible in the fourth century (when paganism and Christianity became mixed,
remember?), then you'd know Jared commanded his sons to do this very thing... bury our forefathers
in the CENTER of the Earth... where the Giza plateau is located.  Giza is the exact geographical
center of all the continents.  That's why its foundation is solid and still stands today.  Jude, Jesus'
half-brother, quotes an entire chapter from the book we removed from our Bible, the Book of
Enoch.  Jude 14 & 15 is quoting Enoch chapter 2... word for word!  It's chapter one, verse nine in
some versions.  Look it up and compare them.  Enoch's book has survived and is in print. Here's an
online version.
Bible scholars of the fourth century (and even scholars of our own day) refused to accept that angels
could have mated with our seed to produce giants.  Refusal to accept that will lead you to believe that
giants of the future really do come from Saturn's moon Titan.  Sounds like a "big lie" to me...
How did a handful of men build these
huge monuments of stone (the sphinx is solid stone and was
originally a lion, representing the Lion from the tribe of Judah)
and brick (the pyramids are blocks of
stone)?  How did they cut the stone and move them to their final position?  Jesus taught if you have
enough faith, you can command a mountain to cast itself into the sea.  Did our forefathers from the
righteous seed of Seth have that kind of faith?  I think it would be logical to conclude... YES!  To
learn more about the Great Pyramid,
click here, here, and/or HERE.
Now, let's talk about Masonic symbolism and their real agenda for a moment.  Freemasonry is a
mystery religion that started back with the rebellion of Nimrod and the tower of Babel.  I've outlined
the progression of this in the story.  Masons worship the brightest star in the heavens, Lucifer.  That's
the LIGHT that Masons seek all their life.  He caused a THIRD of all angels to fall.  That's 33.3
percent of all angels.  That's why the 33rd degree is their highest.  Washington was a Mason and our
National Monument honoring him is an obelisk that stands 555 feet tall.  That's 6,660 inches.  The
Great Pyramid uses inches to tell a story and reveal facts.  Why would Washington's monument
measure 6,660 inches?
I know much of Freemasonry is supposed to be secret but my own father is a 32nd degree Mason
and a Shriner.  You can't be one without being the other.  I guess things he told me when I was a boy
he assumed I'd never remember or be able to add up.  But nothing he's ever told me can't be found in
books about Masonry available everywhere.  Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormons, was a Mason
too and his own death resulted in a nationwide scandal against Freemasonry.  That historical backlash
didn't remain, however.  But the records of it do, and I encourage you to study it as I did.  The
Shriners and their burn centers and children's hospitals are the only real visible part of Freemasonry
now.  I invite you to look below the surface.  Just remember, you can walk into any Christian Church
service but you can only become a Mason by invitation and initiation into their brotherhood.  And
only members can attend.  And members are sworn to secrecy about the organization through
horrible blood oaths.  Masons always relished the building of the Tower of Babel but just 200 years
ago, they thought it should be changed to Solomon's Temple.  This is a documented fact!  Just in case
people with a conscience had a problem with associating themselves with Nimrod's rebellion.  And
when I say people with a conscience, I mean white men only.  Blacks and women aren't allowed to
become Masons.  Black Masons are called Prince Hall masons but are NOT accepted by real
Masons!  You mean Masons are racist?  What do you think?  A good book to read about modern
Masons and their history is "
Please Tell Me..." by Tom C. McKenney.
Anyway, back to the Giza plateau.  EVE was buried in the middle pyramid at Giza (its foundation is
older than the others because Jesus is the foundation and the rock) because it represented the
redeemer or Jesus, since he would come from the seed of the woman.  For more FACTS about the
pyramids, again read "
Fingerprints of the Gods" by Graham Hancock.  Although I don't agree with
his conclusions, his detailed accounts on them are invaluable.
The first man ADAM was buried in the Great Pyramid.  That's why Adam's burial crypt (the Great
Pyramid) was covered with 144,000 white outer casing stones.  Each stone representing one the
righteous or virgin-like saints to be resurrected with Jesus.  Remember the dead saints that appeared
in Jerusalem on that day? (Matthew 27:52-53)  That's why they surround him always.  (Revelation
13:4 "...These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.")  
They came to South America with Jesus where he became known as Viracocha, which means, "foam
of the sea."  Natives had just witnessed the first hurricane ever as Jesus showed up... walking on
foamy sea water.  Ever notice that white, frothy foam on the shore after a hurricane hits?  Look at the
one region where hurricanes hit the most... the very area where
Eden used to be.  Satan still tries to
control the place where we were created.
That's also why God leaves 144,000 to survive the tribulation... to preserve the Jewish seed through
the millennium.  The same number he has already taken will be "left behind."  God uses mirror imaging
a lot.  6,000 years to create, thus the same time allowing the mystery of iniquity.  Look in a mirror and
at all animals.  Perfectly symmetrical, huh?  Draw a line down the center and the right side MIRRORS
the left.  Mirror images.  Sound wave files?  Top and bottom match.  How could random chance...
the backbone of evolutionary thinking... do that?  WHY and HOW are all the different species
adapting so... perfectly?  What purpose does symmetry serve?  Appears instead to be the DESIGN
of a God who established the use of mirror images.
The hydrogen atom and its isotopes are the fingerprint of God, his son, and the Holy Spirit.  Tritium
(God), Deuterium (Jesus), and Protium (Holy Spirit).  Before the Trinity separated from itself when
three-dimensional space began roughly 13,000 years ago (that's right, before that, the Spirit of God
moved across the face of the deep or space), God was not yet the perfectly symmetrical body that
Adam was patterned after.  STUDY how the isotopes of hydrogen work and separate and you'll
understand HOW God became three-dimensional!  (God separated FROM Himself.  The woman
was taken FROM the man.)  When the Son was seated back at the right hand of the Father, the Holy
Spirit came like a fire.   Combining or fusing heavy hydrogen and heavy heavy hydrogen produces
FIRE!  In fact, stars and angels are synonymous in the Bible.  How do you think stars produce light?  
Through fusion of these hydrogen atoms.  Amazing how God's universal laws are everywhere just
challenging us to understand them.
 Water is two-thirds hydrogen and one-third oxygen.  Also, the only substance on Earth occurring
naturally in three forms: liquid, solid, and gas (God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit).  Every living thing needs
water to live.  Two-thirds of man and the earth's surface is water.  Think about that.
Check Flavius Josephus'
History of the Jews (Jewish Antiquities) claiming they built a pillar of
brick (the pyramids are made from cut stones or bricks) and a pillar of stone (first, a solid stone lion,
later re-carved into our modern sphinx) to preserve their knowledge of mankind's redeemer.  That's
something great scholars like Sir Isaac Newton even confirmed.
Yes, there was an Atlantis.  That's what the devil renamed Eden after God took the sacred trees with
him before the flood.  Did you know I finally figured out where the original four heads of the one river
from Eden flowed?  I can even put the continents back together and tell you when they separated,
how and why.  I got this from the Bible.  Study Genesis 2:10-14 with a Dake Bible and a good map,
click here to see my illustration.  You'll see what I saw.  In case you don't, I describe it in detail in
my story.
Dinosaurs?  That's easy!  Study the Bible's length of man's days before the flood when a
canopy protected us from the sun's harmful radiation.  God divided the waters and called the upper
firmament heaven.  Look at Genesis 1:6 again.  After its collapse, man's life span shortened.  This also
explains why flesh will live a LONG time during the upcoming 1,000 years of peace... the sun no
longer exists!  It won't harm natural flesh anymore.  Reptiles grow until they die, not genetically
programmed to stop growing like us.  Let one live 900 years as pre-flood man did and you've got a
dinosaur, behemoth or leviathan.  Archeologists recently found huge alligator fossils in Africa.  Buried
fossils of all reptiles will fit this profile.  I laugh at the premise for the "Jurassic Park" movies.  Genetics
are NOT responsible for the size of dinosaurs.  Instead length of life is how those ancient reptiles
reached great heights.  Science and FACTS prove this!
Why have we found so many fossils?  Because a global flood would bury them quickly and replace
the nutrients in their bones quickly (before decomposing) thus, fossilization.  Coal is not 220 million
years old.  It is the compressed vegetation of a globally warm planet before the floodwater and
sedimentary rock (new ocean floor now covering all the earth) compressed it into coal.  That much
water would have been very heavy and since it covered all the earth, it would easily have had the
PRESSURE needed to create the coal layer.  Not to mention the sedimentary rock all around and
right under your feet!  And regarding the flood, did you know that there are 270 flood myths
globally?  In every culture!  What are the odds?
The Carboniferous Age was only 4500 years ago!  C-14 dating doesn't even account for this little
known fact regarding a water canopy.  Instead, it makes the assumption we reached carbon
saturation tens of thousands of years ago.  Even the guy who wrote the book on C-14 dating said a
water canopy would make this form of dating invalid.  But whoever tells you that?  I have a book
(Bible) to prove my theories... do they?  Furthermore, a water canopy would keep levels of radiation
down (like a shield) in carbon-based living matter and that's why it can't be measured in coal.  It's like
setting your watch.  You have to have a reliable source to set yours by.  What if scientists have been
setting the "age of the earth" clock by the wrong source?  Think about that.
And you better wake up and realize that any real evidence discovered which disproves evolution is
never revealed on the news.  I know.  I personally tracked down some finds and the men who found
them.  God bless you, Ed Conrad!  (
Click here to view Ed's research site.)  And you thought only
communist countries lied to their people...  This is a global thing.  This is spiritual warfare.  They now
want you to swallow the lie that reptiles and birds are related.  Why?  So you'll never figure out for
yourself that reptiles grow until they die and ARE the dinosaurs of the past.  It's that simple.
Why?  Think about it.  If everyone believed in God or a creator, then that means all that bad stuff in
the Bible about being good, "man shall not lie with mankind as with womankind," (Leviticus 18:22)
and "no tattoos upon your flesh" (Leviticus 19:28) etc., would also be true.  Why follow the one true
God when you can follow many false gods and do whatever you want?  It's just the same old lie the
serpent told Adam and Eve... "Surely you won't die if you disobey God."  Mankind still thinks he's
not ever going to be accountable to God.  But you and I know better, right?
The antichrist has a great sword and with it takes peace from the earth.  Want to know what that is?  
It's the Sword of Destiny.  Hitler once held it, as did many great world leaders.  What does it have in
common with Excalibur, King Arthur's sword?  Both are supposedly the spear tip that pierced Jesus'
side on the cross.  Jesus was the rock or the stone formed without hands.  The sword taken from the
stone would make the man who wielded it King of the World.  That's just one of many myths and
legends I've taken the time to explain in my "story."  Their origins and how some of them will end.
Writing on the walls?  Seen the
Denver Airport Murals?  There's a picture of a tall man in green army
gear and gas mask (do you really understand the fifth judgment in Revelation?) and he holds a large
sword with a dove sticking to its tip.  What scripture does that remind you of?  (Revelation 6:4)  Now
who would put this on those walls and why on earth would they show a German boy beating swords
into plowshares?  I thought that was Jesus' job?  I smell a Masonic plot and symbolism.  Didn't
Project Paperclip bring a lot of high-ranking Nazi's and their top scientific minds to America after
W.W.II?  I wonder where they are now?
The rapture?  Yes, it's for real but who can agree as to WHEN it happens?  Do you realize that the
prophecy books give you the answer?  It's just that nobody has been able to see the obvious.  I
have.  I outline exactly how those alive are "snatched away" at the last second as God's wrath is
coming down upon the Earth.  The wrath of God is the combination of the sixth and seven vials being
poured out upon the earth at the end of the Great Tribulation, the final moments of man's time.  Yes,
some saints will still be here.  The one who steps aside or is removed to allow the lawless one is NOT
the church... it's the Prince of Israel, the archangel Michael.  He's Israel's angelic protector and will be
busy with the war in Heaven casting Satan out as the antichrist makes his way to the Temple when he
breaks his seven-year peace treaty.  Just double-check the book of Daniel's definition of "he who
Would you believe that this is carved in stone by the righteous seed of Seth, who knew God's
timeline firsthand?  The seven relieving stones over the King's chamber in the Great pyramid even
illustrate how the sixth and seventh "judgments" of Revelation come TOGETHER!  The book of
Revelation makes this clear... if you know how to unlock it.  Remember that an angel stopped
Abraham at the last second before killing his own son Isaac.  That's why the Bible says to hold fast
until the very end, lest you lose your reward.  And you too (if you're lucky to still be alive) will be
"snatched away" at the last second!  As God's wrath is coming down... you are going up!
Has it occurred to you that the reason "church theology" (the understanding of carnal-minded men)
teaches the pre-trib rapture is to lull you into a false sense of security?  Nimrod's secret followers
combined their Babylonian mystery religion with our Christian Church in 378 a.d..  And all other
Christian churches sprang from that one, also known as Mystery Babylon.  Remember, if these evil
men have indeed succeeded in dethroning the kings of the world and made their system built upon the
wealth of the world the ruling body, then they darn sure don't want you to realize any real truth found
in God's word.  (Why do you think it took so long for the Bible to be translated into English?)  They
want you to stop caring about your own government and the world around you!  Why should you
care?  You're gonna be raptured at the beginning of the tribulation!  Just focus on getting to the 100th
level of that video game... now THAT'S important!  Adolph Hitler said it best: "It's a fortunate thing
for governments that men don't think!"
But comfort yourself with this: "He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity.  He that killeth
with the sword must be killed with the sword.  Here is the patience of the saints.  For you will be
hated and persecuted for His name's sake."  During the fifth judgment of Revelation when the martyrs
slain for their testimony receive their white robes, they're told that others must be slain as they were.
"...until the number of their fellow servants and brothers who were to be killed as they had been was
completed."  If you are still living during the great tribulation... watch your head!  You mean, you
might have to die for your beliefs?  Didn't God do that for you?  Didn't the early church also do that?  
Be suspicious of false prophets who claim only peace and prosperity.  Israel didn't listen either and
they also went into captivity.  You'll escape God's Wrath but NOT persecution.  You'd better repent.
I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every
nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb.  They
were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands..."
Then one of the elders asked me, "These in white robes--who are they and where did they
come from?"
I answered, "Sir, you know."
And he said, "These are they who have come out of great tribulation..
Revelation 7:9-14
Van Impe and others claim we'll all be up in Heaven during those seven years (tribulation... that's
why they call it the pre-trib rapture) enjoying the marriage supper of the lamb.  How can that be when
the new Jerusalem (the CITY in which the Saints dwell) or Christ's bride, isn't due to arrive on Earth
until AFTER the thousand-year reign of peace?  AFTER the earth is purified by fire and Judgment
Day?  The Bible's book of Revelation makes it clear as to the timing of this great event.  Just get your
ducks in a row and keep the facts straight.
 It should be obvious by now how I feel about top Bible scholars who believe in the pre-trib rapture.  
They believe these things because they've failed to understand Revelation and its timeline concerning
what happens on the Day of the Lord.  I've done what they've been unable to, therefore my lack of
total respect for them.  Don't get me wrong, without their foundation study done on the Bible, I doubt
I could've gotten as far as I did.  But the truth remains that nobody ever put it ALL together.  That's
where I came in.  God used me for the purpose of interpretation.  Again, that is my gift in the body of
I'm aware of Pre-tribbers who feel Rev 4:1 somehow magically explains the rapture.  John had to be
taken up to Heaven where he would be SHOWN the future.  Until I came along, nobody (and I do
mean NOBODY) could've told you HOW John saw the things he saw.  This can be compared to
Ezekiel being taken up via the cherubim as well.  This is a physical thing.  John and Ezekiel were
taken bodily.  So were Enoch and Elijah.  Only those two didn't come back.  Not yet, anyway.  Just
because John was taken to Heaven after his letters to the seven churches so he could SEE the future
does not prove that the churches are removed before these events take place.  Where is the scriptural
precedent for this?  God's Word always testifies unto itself, as two or three witnesses.  So, that
should mean this happens in God's Word somewhere else too?
Just look at the order of events described in Mark 13: 24-27.  
"But in those days, after that
tribulation, the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars of heaven shall
fall, and the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken.  
And then shall they see the Son of man coming in
the clouds with great power and glory.  
And then shall he send his angels, and shall gather together his
elect from the four winds, from the uttermost part of the earth to the uttermost part of heaven."
Are you
noting that certain things keep coming
after other things?  The resurrection happens after the
after the sun goes out, after the moon is destroyed and becomes the hundred pound
hailstones that fall upon the earth on the Day of the Lord.  Get it?
Some argue that on the day of the Lord when the righteous dead and living are snatched away, (what
the word rapture means) a great voice also says, "Come up hither."  Now, are these two related?  
No.  On our day of redemption when WE hear these words, they are NOT the same exact time as
when John heard them.  Two different times.  Two different outcomes.  Two millenniums apart too, I
might add.  But when we are resurrected or raptured, we WILL hear that same PHRASE.  Just
check the timing.  When the two witnesses hear these words, they are raised with the DEAD.  They
are resurrected during that last trump with the other resurrected dead.  When does this happen?  On
the Day of the Lord.  You do know the two witnesses come during the last three and one-half years,
don't you?  So how can that be BEFORE the tribulation?  Sounds like it's at the conclusion of the
great tribulation, as God's wrath is poured out.  But His servants are snatched away, just in the nick
of time...GET IT?
If the body of believers, that's what church means, isn't mentioned anymore in Revelation like
pre-tribbers claim, then they have to explain a lot of things like:
If Christians are raptured at the beginning of the tribulation, then that means the righteous dead must
also be resurrected at that time.  How many resurrections of the righteous dead are there if the two
witnesses are then resurrected with the righteous dead with the seventh and final trumpet blast on the
Day of the Lord at the END of the great tribulation?  When THEY hear the words, "Come up hither."
"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest
from their labours; and their works do follow them." (Rev. 14:13)  We're in the great tribulation here,
Not to mention the great multitude that appears in Heaven: "These are they which came out of
GREAT TRIBULATION." (Rev. 7:14)  This happens in the last three and one-half years.
And to the souls under the alter during the FIFTH seal.  This happens during the GREAT
TRIBULATION or last three and one-half years.  This is when God says, "Rest yet for a little
season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were..."
And please don't take the well-known pre-trib theory which claims that the 144,000 Jewish
Evangelists and all those empty cars and planes will convert the rest of the world.  Sounds nice in
theory and makes for good Christian fiction but doesn't hold water.  JEWS don't believe Jesus was
their Messiah so how are they going to convince the lost to accept Him?
During the great tribulation, the Dragon makes war with those who have the testimony of JESUS
CHRIST.  (Rev. 12:17)  PROVING that CHRISTIANS (those who believe in Jesus) are here at that
And the 144,000 Jews that are marked are NOT the 144,000 redeemed firstfruits already in
Heaven, affectionately referred to as the 144,000 virgins, which when Paul uses that term, he means
that they are righteous.  Bible scholars have been mistakenly classifying these two groups as one.  
Now you see why I don't always respect modern theology, scholars and mainstream Church doctrine.
The real reason those 144,000 are marked to survive the tribulation is to preserve the Jewish
SEED... for the millennial day of rest.  Also, since the OTHER 144,000 have already been bodily
resurrected WITH Jesus, then our God of mirror images MUST leave behind that same amount.  
That's why the mystery of iniquity lasts for 6,000 years.  Cause that's how long it took to create all
this for us.
A day is a thousand years... it's mentioned more than ONCE in the Bible.  Six days of creation...
YES, creation DID take 6,000 literal years.  That's why Seth's line roughly showed the date of
10,500 BC when they built the Lion in relation to the Nile.  The Lion from the tribe of Judah, JESUS,
is the foundation or the solid rock formed without hands.  That's HOW the stone Lion was formed.  
FAITH that MOVES mountains.  That's why the Lion, later it's head was re-carved, thus our
modern-day Sphinx, would've looked East at the Constellation Leo almost 13,000 years ago...
because that's WHEN three-dimensional space as we know it BEGAN.  That's the message Seth's
line wanted us to understand.  (Yes!  That is the ANSWER to the RIDDLE of the Sphinx!)
Remember when Jesus said he could tear down the Jewish Temple but then he'd rebuild it in three
days?  The millennial reign of peace is in the third millennium after Jesus' first coming.  That's when the
Bible says the Temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem and all the nations shall come and pay homage to
the King of Kings.  Isaiah 19:19 says, "In that day shall there be an altar to the Lord in the midst of
the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the Lord."  Did you know that Isaiah is talking
about the Giza monuments?  Need even more proof?  No altar built to God was to be of hewn stone,
and if a tool was used on one, it was polluted.  (Exodus 20: 24-26)  If my theory is correct as to how
the Giza monuments where constructed, then these stones indeed were not cut with tools.  Rather, by
faith did these righteous men cut and move them.  That now qualifies the Giza pyramids and Sphinx as
the "altar" and "pillar" prophesied by Isaiah.   
More proof a day is as a thousand years?  AFTER the millennial reign of peace, 14,000 years will
have been completed.  Six thousand for creation, plus six thousand for mankind under the curse and
the mystery of iniquity to be completed, PLUS the two millenniums for periods of peace and rest
EQUALS two periods of SEVEN thousand years... God is the God of mirror images!  That is HIS
signature.  That is why ALL flesh and blood is perfectly symmetrical.  One-half MIRRORS the other
half.  God bears witness unto Himself.  That's why His Word says that if men won't praise Him, the
ROCKS (pyramids and "sphinx") will testify and cry out.
Don't believe me?  The sun was created on the FOURTH day.  Ye are the LIGHT of the world...
that's why Jesus came during the FOURTH millennium of mankind's history.  "I am the way, the truth,
and the LIGHT."  The sun's diameter when created was one million miles, or 1,000 miles times 1,000
miles.  How do I know?  God is a God of perfection.  Here comes the proof.  Sun, stars and angels
are synonymous with one another in God's word.  That's WHY Seth named constellations... because
they tell the story of our Redemption.  One-third of all the STARS or ANGELS, Lucifer included,
caused the Fall.  That's the reason for the STARS telling us a story... our story.  This is also the
reason I use an ANGEL as my NARRATOR in my story.  Now, using science and astronomy, the
study of stars and the heavens, I reversed the math on our sun's shrinking rate and I found Our Sun is
only 10,000 years old.  That's when its diameter would have been a perfect one million miles.  THAT
fits the Bible's story like a glove.  PERFECTLY!
Even astronomy PROVES the stars in the Orion system have been moving apart.  They reversed
their math to discover a period of only 10,000 years when they were created!  Math is the universal
language, something Seth's line knew and Hollywood tries to attribute to OTHER life forms in outer
space ("Contact").  Using math and science, I figured out where Heaven is located!  An atom is the
smallest particle with its electron orbiting its nucleus at a distance roughly 10,000 times the diameter
of its nucleus.  IF our sun is the nucleus (we orbit it) with a diameter of one million miles (when
created), THEN Heaven would orbit our sun at a distance of ten billion miles.  Thus, the real reason a
day is to the Lord a thousand years!  Ah, the elusive Planet X.
God's own mark IS the "X" or cross, surrounded by a circle.  How many TV shows and movies use
that?  The four points of the zodiac make a cross in the sky, like the four cardinal points on a
compass (North, East, West, and South... our term "news" comes from this).  Because there are only
four cherubim in Heaven surrounding God's throne now.  Aquarius the man, Taurus the bull, Leo the
lion, and Opheocus the serpent holder or eagle, make a cross in the heavens.  (
Click here to view the
cherubim flight pattern, pre- and post-fall.)  In the same place where the stars tell our story.  From the
four corners of Heaven comes the news of our Redeemer.  God is in the middle of them (the
cherubim), as we (made in God's own image) are in the middle of the zodiac's circle.
God's design and signature is even upon the tiniest of things known to exist.  Atom even sounds like
Adam.  When you die, your spirit goes to Heaven, if you're righteous.  A spirit has little or no mass.  
So does an atom's electron.  Coincidence?  Think about it... Simple logic and simple algebra.  IF A =
B = C, then A = C!  It's all really that simple.  That is the reason Seth's line chose the pyramid shape
to tell their story.  Because the pyramid is the basis for three-dimensional geometry.  The three
pyramids mirror Orion's belt because they were the first three stars ever created.  And because they
represent God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  That's part of the story they tell.
The Bible's measuring system uses cubits, of which inches, feet and miles also use.  Think about that.  
Jews invented inches.  That's why evil men have come up with the metric system... to distance YOU
from the truth about your past AND the message that INCHES reveal in the Great Pyramid, which
was built by the righteous seed of Seth--NOT the Egyptians.  Something my story also PROVES!  
Like the lie the serpent told Eve in Eden, mix the truth with the lie.  It's the oldest trick in the book.  
That's why the metric system uses God's number of ten.  So you'll not think anything about digesting
the need for a new system.  God also uses the number 27.  In grams, the mass of a single electron is
written with a decimal point followed by twenty-seven zeroes and a nine.  The smaller belt star
representing the Holy Spirit in the Orion system is exactly twenty-seven degrees off the plane created
by drawing a line through the other two stars.  That's also why the book of Revelation is the 27th
book of the New Testament.  The book of Revelation is prophecy.  The testimony of Jesus is the
spirit of prophecy. (Revelation 19:10)  It is the Light.  Jesus is the light.  That's also why the sun is
27,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit.  (I don't even care what it is in Celsius!)
Remember that my story not only predicted the fall of the World Trade Towers and the attack on
Washington DC, which immediately followed, but my story also predicted that George W. Bush
would be our next President.  And that was one year before the elections.  And since I was so sure
that the fall of 2000 was when the seven-year peace treaty was to be signed, it's interesting to note
that the current escalation of violence and unrest in the Middle East between Palestinians and Jews
did begin in the fall of 2000.  I had to do my homework to write this story.  I know more about the
true agenda of the world than you may realize.  Our real enemy is as old as time itself.  But we do
have hope.  I hope and pray you didn't read this section before you read the story.  If you did, you
have cheated yourself.  Go back and read the story.  In it, I've placed everything you need to know.  
I only included this section to give you a taste of how I arrived at some of my conclusions presented
in the story.  After you read the story, read it again and again.  I can promise you that you'll learn
something new every time you do.  Then, pick up a copy of God's word.  That book has the rest of
the answers you seek.  It has taken me a lifetime of researching God's word to know what I know.  
I've given you a head start but nothing will ever replace the learning and understanding that reading
God's Holy Bible will give you.  Amen.

part one

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