Coneheaded skull
I saw one of these skulls early in my research during a
Nazcan exhibition at the Pyramid in Memphis.  The one I
saw had a perfect, pointed top.  In my story
Revelations, I
explain how this artifact fits the atef crown worn by
ancient Pharaohs.  Note how the actual remains of a skull
with a coneheaded shape fits the Atef crown worn by
Egyptian Pharaohs.

Now, compare the illustrations below:
Pharaohs, Mayans, and
coneheaded skulls
Atef crown worn by Pharaohs
Mayan rulers also wore a crown or headdress that covered
their heads, which also could've disguised a coneheaded
shaped skull.  Look at a stone carving of one Mayan ruler
holding an ancient sword of fire by clicking

What does all this mean?  This proves my theory that fallen
angels did indeed mate with mankind's seed to produce giants
and demigods like the ones found above.  To read my
research on this and more,
click here.
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