Sumerian gypsum statues or...
Neanderthal man and woman?
These statues date back to roughly 2500 BC.  History records that
they must have been "in awe" due to being in the presence of
their god.  (That's how they explain the wide-eyes, anyway.)  
However, note that Incan legends record that giants with huge
saucer-shaped eyes supposedly built their giant stone monuments
found in South America.  Also note the huge brow bridge of these
wide-eyed people.  That fits the Neanderthal skull.  The larger
brain capacity also fits Nazcan skulls.  Many of them
in shape.  You look at these facts carved in stone and decide for
yourself.  Remember that Neanderthal skeletons were found
alongside Jewish skeletons in Israel, making them contemporaries!
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