Like most Americans, I remember exactly where I was on the morning of Tuesday, September 11,
2001.  I was glued to the TV screen as I watched in shock the events unfolding in New York City.  I
witnessed both World Trade Towers as they fell from the terrorist attacks that day.  This prompted
my memory of the first and last time I stood at the base of both towers.  The first was as an eighteen
year-old just arriving to New York City for the first time in the fall of 1979.  Ironically, the last time I
stood between the towers was just one day before the first terrorist attempt to topple them on
February 26, 1993.
Maybe it was that close encounter that inspired me to include a terrorist attack on the towers in my
Revelations, Alpha and Omega.  In the original version of this story, I chose New Year's Eve
on Y2K.  It seemed a very likely scenario, as did other things I included in the story happening on
that night.  As a storyteller, I used dramatic license by putting all the events on one night.  It made for
a more dramatic effect.  After Y2K passed uneventful, I simply changed the year to 2004 as that
appeared to be the absolute latest when the event could happen and still have the impact my story
had given it.  But I remained convinced it had to happen before the signing of the seven-year peace
treaty between Arab and Jew authored by the Antichrist.  I knew our troops would then go overseas
and security here would be increased just shy of Martial Law.  Even our rights guaranteed by the
Constitution would be convincingly whittled away out of fear.  We'd gladly give up some of our rights
for peace and safety.  I also knew that every time something horrible happened in the world, it would
have a global uniting effect.  Patriotism would escalate.  Even one man featured on the front page of
our local paper sporting a new tattoo of our flag and the letters "USA" on his forehead fit exactly the
future my story had outlined.  The reason for this natural progression of events will unfold before
your very eyes as you read
Revelations, Alpha and Omega.
Something else my story had predicted after the collapse of the World Trade Towers came to pass
shortly afterwards... our economy's demise.  This happened for a reason.  The why is something
you'll also discover as you read the entire story.  I don't want to give anything away here because I
know you'll only get the whole picture by reading the story.  That's the reason why I wrote it... so
you'll understand everything.  That's also why my story goes back to the beginning.  The very
beginning.  You have to have that foundation of knowledge and understanding or my story's true
purpose will elude you.
I've embedded a lifetime of research in this story.  No one else before me has been able to put so
much historical, scientific and Biblical knowledge relating to each other into a single story.  It was a
real challenge to keep the story moving and entertaining as a result.  It has taken over five years to
finish the version you're about to read.  I think I've managed to do the impossible.  Now it's up to
you to do me one better... actually take the time to read it and understand your own history from a
viewpoint never before taken.  As you do this, try and place yourself back in time when everyone
thought the earth was flat and the sun revolved around us.  This is something you and I can laugh
about now but back when the concept of a round earth revolving around the sun (theory of
Copernicus) was upheld by Galileo, he spent the rest of his life in exile for heresy.  Think about that.  
What if the theory my story presents is true?  The reason I wrote it as a story instead of a textbook
was so that you could grasp these far-fetched concepts more easily.  I'm asking a lot from you but I
can promise you this... you'll never look at the world around you in quite the same way again.  The
difference between my theory and others, most notably Darwin's theory, is that I used the Bible as
the unshakable truth that science and history had to conform.  Refusing to let go of God's word as
the foundation made all the difference.  It literally opened new doors.  Even Church theology, if it
didn't fit the actual words found in the Bible, was tossed aside.  Before you call that heresy,
remember the lesson learned from Galileo.
The events I've outlined after the demise of our World Trade Towers will come to pass.  Forget the
dates I've assigned them as I only used them for the purpose of telling a story.  But I can promise
you future things outlined in
Revelations: Omega will happen.  I just want the world to know and
understand why these things are really happening.  It's like looking in the mirror and being honest
with yourself concerning your appearance.  Do you really need to lose some weight or have you
managed to put on rose-tinted glasses and convince yourself otherwise?  I hope to remove those
rosy glasses and show the world around you the way it really is.  You may not like the truth but that
doesn't change the reality of it.  That extra weight you're carrying around your midsection or thighs is
still there no matter how much you pretend it is not.  But you can do something about your weight.  
Even if you can't do anything about the world's future, you can at least prepare for it.  If you knew
something horrible was about to happen to the plane you were about to board, would you still get
on?  Of course not.  If you knew the right course of action, I'm sure you'd take it.  That's why I
wrote this story... to give you a fighting chance so you can control that part of your future.
To quote Douglas James Mahr in his prophetic foreword for his own book,
Voyage to the New
: "Every once in a while a book comes along that has great impact on the world, its societies,
its belief systems, its people..."  The impact of
Revelations, Alpha and Omega will be measured in
these terms...  Good luck.  And may God bless you.  Did you know that just studying the book of
Revelation carries its own blessing?  "Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this
prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand."  
Revelation 1:3

David Allen Rigsby,

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