What is the Mystery Babylon religion and where did it come
from?  Did it start with the original post-flood rebellion led by
and his queen Semiramis, the original Queen of Heaven?  What was the
Tower of Babel, really?  That its TOP "may reach" into Heaven?  The
answer will shock you!

Who will be the antichrist and his false prophet? How
does the two-horned mitre worn by
pagan priests fit the description of
a lamb with two horns which speaks as a Dragon?  What is the mark of
the beast really going to be if it's not a computer chip?  Does anyone
know where the
swastika originated?  NO! But it's been found on every
continent.  Do you know why?

Who and what is Lucifer? What is a cherub and what does it do?  
Did you know Lucifer is
not an archangel?  Or that Cherubim and
Seraphim are the
same? What does the five-pointed star with a circle
around it have to do with them?  What is a
Serpent Cherub?  Were
there really GIANTS in our past and if so, what did Satan have to do
with them?  Will there be
TITANS in our future?  How does Saturn's
moon fit into the timing of the Cassini probe mission to Titan in 2004?

How does God account for the dinosaurs? Were they here
just 4,500 years ago as creation scientists believe?  How does the
answer tie into the length of man's life
before the flood?  What really
happened to our fifth planet (now an asteroid belt) and how does its
demise tie into the extinction of dinosaurs and Noah's flood?

Who was Neanderthal man, really? Did he have huge
saucer-shaped eyes, thus causing the large brow-bridge?  
Clay statues
of men and women in ancient Sumeria look like that.  Jews and
Neanderthals were buried side by side (contemporaries).  Incan legends
say well-porportioned giants with huge saucer-shaped eyes built their
huge stone monuments.  Could this have been a demigod or offspring of
man and angels?  Why did Nazcans have large coneheaded skulls?  Why
does this fit the atef crown worn by Egyptian Pharoahs?  Why were
Egyptian mummies radioactive and contained traces of cocaine, a
substance found only in South America?

Who really built the Great Pyramid and Sphinx? Why do
they display water erosion in a desert area evolutionist claim was dry
6,000 years ago?  Back when creationist say man was created?  Did the
Jewish historian Flavius Josephus give us a
clue?  Who built the
pyramids all over the world and why?  Was there ever a place called
Atlantis?  Where was the original
Garden of Eden and what do they have
in common?  
What did the continents look like before the flood?  
Where did the four heads of Eden's river
really flow in the past?  Is the
modern-day Euphrates the
same river in Genesis 2:14?  Why do eels
migrate from rivers all over the world to the Sargasso Sea?  What used
to be there?  Even the Devil's Triangle is
explained in this tale.

What is the truth behind the UFO phenomenon today?
Did something really crash in Roswell?  What does a Grey alien have in
common with the original serpent in the Garden of Eden?  Why is
Lucifer referred to as the Serpent of old and a Red Dragon?  What is the
Bible really describing when the book of Job mentions a Leviathan?  
are the three frog-like spirits of Revelation?  Are these all
related?  The answer will surprise you.

What is the truth about Y2K? Was it originally engineered to
implement FEMA and Martial Law?  How does this fit with the Bible's
timeline and the beginning of the tribulation?  Are we still headed for
Martial Law?  What will that really mean to you and me?  Who really runs
this country and its wealth?  Who really controls the world's
governments and their wealth?  Did you know the answer can be found
writing on the walls and in Saturn-day cartoons?

Daniel could understand and interpret the writing on the walls in his
day.  Is there writing on walls today for man to interpret?  What about
murals on the walls at Denver's airport depicting a German boy
beating swords into plowshares... with an IRON fist...
and with Thor's hammer?
"He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly
and shame unto him."
Proverbs 18:13
"...the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of
the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began, but
now is made manifest, and by the scriptures of the prophets
...made known to all nations..."  
Romans 16:25-26
QUESTIONS, questions, questions.    Where are the ANSWERS?    
They are in my book "REVELATIONS, Alpha and Omega."  
Order the paperback, Revelations Alpha and Omega.

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"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."
Have you ever wondered what the future holds? Who
really knows?  Psychic Hotlines?  No.  
And that can be proved. The
Bible is a blueprint for understanding the past, present and future.  Its
ability to predict the future has been 100% accurate. So, what does the
Bible's book of
Revelation really mean?  Who can truly understand its
symbolism?  How does it apply to us and when will it come to pass?  Are
clues in the other prophecy books maybe theologians have
missed that unlock the mysteries surrounding John's book?  Does God
speak to men today?
Can the Holy Spirit guide a man to the truth?  
Send your comments to:  david@thetruthishere.com
I will personally answer, if reply requested.
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Tower of Babel, an ancient statue of Neanderthal man, a stone
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complete with a light saber, the
real location of Eden, etc.
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Prophecy vs. History
Prophecy vs. History
CRITIC's CORNER:  ...a review!
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Readers disturbed and
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look to "Revelations, Alpha and
Omega" for understanding,
solace, and hope.

Henry Berry,
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