American WWII P-51 Mustang pilot, DAVID SMITH is shot down over Berlin.  
He falls in love with a renegade Jewish girl, KATY WEISS.  David is captured
and dies.  His guardian angel, LAURIANNA, shows him where the human spirit
The Past.  Our fifth planet, Tiamait, is in tact.  Earth's covered by a water canopy,
protecting us from the sun's harmful radiation, creating a globally warm climate.
GOD weds ADAM and EVE.  All angels honor them.  LUCIFER, the Serpent
Cherub and firstborn angel, takes offense to honoring creatures made from dust.  
After all, his frame is gold and fire since he's one of five flying machines that unite
to carry God's throne.
While God rests, Lucifer looks to destroy mankind.  He eats from the forbidden
Tree for insight.  Knowing Evil, he uses the mortal serpent made in his image to
deceive us.
Lucifer tricks one-third of all angels resting on Tiamait by serving them desserts
made from the forbidden fruit.  Rebellion escalates, but all rebels are cast from
Heaven.  Adam and Eve face death.  Lucifer faces eternal death in Hell after the
prophesied Redeemer restores mankind to God.
Lucifer's only hope: prevent his birth.  Fallen angels mate with women to corrupt
mankind's seed, producing giants.  Earth becomes violent.  God plans a flood.  
NOAH builds an ark.  Knowledge is preserved by constructing pillars of brick
and stone... the three Giza pyramids and stone Lion.  Adam and Eve are buried
within the Pyramids.
Tiamait explodes, causing meteorites to destroy Earth's water shield and flood
our planet.  Dinosaurs are fossilized.  Compressed vegetation becomes coal.
To prevent the Messiah's birth, giants inhabit His prophesied birthplace.  A titan,
NIMROD, teaches hydrogen fusion.  The sun's power is placed atop a tower to
be sent Heavenward, destroying God's gateway.
Nimrod's killed by SHEM, Noah's son.  Tower construction continues as
Nimrod's widow, SEMIRAMIS, forms her Mystery Religion cult.  God scatters
them, confusing their language.  Cult survivors migrate to Eden's remains,
Atlantis.  Lucifer unites their speech and teaches them flight.  Hydrogen isotopes
are separated again from water in ziggurats.  Fearing mankind's destruction, God
destroys Atlantis.  Atlanteans escaping to Europe, continue their mystery religion
in Egypt.  The Lion's head is re-carved: the Sphinx.
The Righteous inhabits the Promised Land after defeating giants there.  The
Redeemer, JESUS CHRIST, is born.  He's sacrificed.  He's resurrected with
144,000 Saints, including Adam and Eve.  Jesus visits South America, as
VIRACOCHA.  After forty-days on earth, He promises to return someday.  
Lucifer's last hope: prevent His return.  Christ's church in Rome mixes with
mystery religions.  Mystery Babylon.
2004.  Nimrod's secret cult, now Freemasonry, allows their Antichrist, TEITAN,
to take over Europe.  He destroys the Roman Church, commanding worship of
his image.  Titans arrive from Saturn's moon, offspring of our seed and fallen
angels via UFO abductions.  A Titan, SATURN, becomes Teitan's false
prophet.  He claims a reptilian race from Pegasus created us.  Katy Weiss, now
76, is killed with other Christians.
2007.  Three Grey Aliens arrive.  They claim Jews are liars.  Armageddon.  The
sun stops shining.  The moon explodes into huge meteorites.  Great earthquake
opens righteous graves.  Living Saints are raptured.  Teitan overtakes Jerusalem
as Jesus returns with the angels and Saints.  David Smith flies a white P-51
Teitan and Saturn are cast alive into Hell.  Lucifer is bound for a thousand years
by his own sister angel, Laurianna.  Jesus sets up his millennial reign of peace in
Jerusalem.  David and Katy are together again, as well as Adam and Eve.

Copyright 1999 by David Allen Rigsby
Personal use permitted.

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