REVELATIONS ALPHA: by David Allen Rigsby.  EPIC/MYTH.  After an
eternity of darkness in the deep of space, God realizes that He can become
three-dimensional and bring light from darkness.  He separates from Himself
into the Trinity, as mankind created in His image, is to become three-in-one: a
body, soul and spirit.  After creating three-dimensional space, God creates for
Himself a flying machine of gold. These are the five golden cherubim, which
unite to carry His throne.  The cherubim represent the highest order of all flesh
and blood to be created: the man, ox, eagle, lion, and pre-fall serpent.  Over a
span of six millenniums, God creates a new home for His final creation,
mankind.  Afterwards, He returns to planet Heaven to rest for one millennium.  
When He returns to Earth, He discovers that the serpent cherub, Lucifer, the
first angel ever created and the wisest of all creatures, has caused the fall of
one-third of all angels and mankind.  The only way for God to restore balance
to the Universe is to wait the same span of time it took to create everything,
exactly six millenniums, so that the total number of resurrected Saints will then
equal the number of fallen angels.  While God cannot do anything to restore the
fallen angels to Grace, He devises a plan to restore mankind.  His very own
soul, first of the Trinity to become visible, must be born a man through the seed
of the woman.  For only by shedding His own blood, the perfect sacrifice, can
there be atonement and reconciliation to Himself.  God foretells of this in the
Garden of Eden.  With the clock now ticking, Lucifer and his follower's only
hope of averting their own fiery fate is to prevent the Redeemer's birth and
destroy mankind before time runs out.
 The movie begins with the prophet Elijah being picked up in an angel's flying
chariot, which resembles a modern-day spacecraft. Aboard this craft, Elijah is
transported back and forth through time.  Our first stop is WWII Germany
where we meet a P-51 Mustang pilot, David Smith, who is shot down over
Berlin.  He falls in love with a renegade Jewish girl, Katy Weiss. As their love
story begins, we go back in time to the Garden of Eden.  It is here that we
meet Adam and Eve and their righteous son, Seth, through whom God has
promised to send mankind's Redeemer.  Lucifer, now Satan, decides to
corrupt the seed of man by commanding his captains to take human wives and
mate with them.  This unholy alliance creates offspring of giants and giantesses.  
If God doesn't intervene with a global flood, mankind will surely perish.  Seth's
descendant, Noah, builds huge monuments of stone and brick to survive the
flood that foretells of God's plan for mankind's redemption.  Adam and Eve
are buried in the pyramids.  These monuments survive the flood, as does Noah
and his family aboard an ark.  They repopulate the earth.  Fallen angels again
try to corrupt mankind by creating more giants.  Firstborn of them is a titan
named Nimrod.  He teaches men how to make fire from water by separating
the isotopes of hydrogen and creates the first hydrogen bomb.  His followers
plan to send this fire into heaven via mankind's first rocket... the tower of
Babel.  God intervenes by confusing man's language and scatters them
abroad.  Even though giants inhabit the place prophesied as the Redeemer's
birth, a war between man and giants clears the way so that the Redeemer is
born and sacrificed.  As He is resurrected, Adam and Eve are also resurrected
with 144,000 Saints, first fruits of the resurrection.  Satan's only hope now is to
prevent the Redeemer's Second Coming and try to reintroduce technological
warfare to ensure mankind's destruction before the final battle of Armageddon
to be fought in "REVELATIONS II OMEGA." David and Katy's offspring are
to play a pivotal role in this final battle between good and evil.

Copyright 1999 by David Allen Rigsby

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